Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Day 2 November 8, 2017

5:20 am Up before the cutest alarm clocks. Check email. Twitter.

552 am The littlest is stirring. 
Dress her. Get her a bobble. 

600 am outfit decided upon

Yes. That’s an ostrich mug shot. 

615 am breakfast with E. 
625 texts from a teacher who is sick. Emails with sub clerk to clarify what sub is needed

645 the boy is up. Momma takes care of him 

715 reminders on phone to do some stuff later in the day. Update school blog. Get info out about day Wonder round 2

742 off to work 

830 arrive at work. Erin bought me a hot chocolate at Tim’s!
840 am respond to an email to a teacher. Clarifying my approach to a number of incidents. 

845 welcome a sub to the building. Get them started. 

846 helped our caretaker find the YouTube announcements. 

847 walked around school confirming staff shirt orders. That’s done now. 

850 am in halls welcoming kids

855 am drop in parent meeting with a student who is struggling. A good start to his day. 

9:00 am ROEs done encouraging kids to get to homerooms. And saying goodbye to kids going curling for Day Wonder. 

9:05 am respond to two text message for parents excising their child for the day. 

918 am attendance follow ups with staff who haven’t done it yet

920 day Wonder is starting. My kids getting their ukuleles to get started. 

922 am visiting each day Wonder session (17 of then) to say hi and take some pics to share on social media 

935 Post Day Wonder quations on the Wonder walls. Asking kids what they learned during the first round of Day Wonder. 

1000 am talk to a teacher about subs coming up. 

1015 am playing ukulele with kids and watching them play in Day Wonder. Not a kid in the hallway during Day Wonder

1030 grade 7 microwave meeting. 

1050 am send in golf shirt order for staff, approves invoices and sign cheques. In office now. Turning on computer for the first time today 

11:00 am Post Day Wonder pics to social media feeds 

1115 emails emails emails 

1130 discussion with a teacher about school class culture. Importance of how we welcome kids back into class after an issue

1140 Chromebook malfunction. Explore ways to fix it. 

1150 get ready for lunch. Get microwaves into place. 

1155 supervise hallways at the start of lunch. 

Noon grade 8 Boys Volleyball Practice 

100 work with a student who had an issue at lunch. Resolved quickly. 

105 visit 6 teachers to talk about attendance. 

110 pack up clothing samples to get sent back to supplier. 

115 fix Chromebook 
120 lunch 

130 begin visiting class. Post pics of kids engaged in work. Visited 11 classrooms. While walking in halls work with kids and discipline issues that have come up. 

2:00 pm back in office looking at emails. 

208 call to our learning coach about the agenda for our committee that meets tomorrow 

210 more emails. Crossing off things on my ‘to do’ list in Google Keep. Got a few things done!

2:15 pm iPec coaching session. 

251 pm done coaching call. Went better than expected. 

255 pm recess issue clean up. Will try our restitution form. 

325 two parent phone calls made.  Meeting with students done. Meeting with one of the parents after school. 
335 phys ed issue with subs. Meeting tomorrow to discuss with kids to figure it out. Will call home. X2

Meeting set up tomorrow with both kids to discuss. 

348. Meet with a sub who will be here for a few days to talk about discipline. What are they expectations etc.  

400 called both parents with kids with the PE issue 
Meeting tomorrow am set up

415 adjusted meeting agenda for tomorrow’s meetings.

418 read a number of discipline referrals that were submitted. Student care team to respond. 

420 cleaned up inbox and desk

435 just hit 10000 steps for the day
445. Heading home 

535. Got home. Made calls to the vet and calls for a trumpeter for our Remembrance Day service

600 family supper 

630 numerous phone calls to try and find trumpeter for our Remembrance Day service. No luck.

700 pm Bedtime for the little one.

7:30 - 9:00 pm Feet up. Going through emails. Creating forms for a restitution process for kids experiencing difficulty. Testing eventbrite for our Day Wonder set up. A couple of emails reviewed and sent.

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